Davit was born in Medan, Indonesia. His love of photography started when he was a young boy. His father instilled in him the passion for using a camera to capture moments of time, and developing them into beautiful images that people can enjoy forever. Davit traveled and photographed extensively throughout Southeast Asia during the era of geo-political turmoil in that region.

Davit moved to America after high school, and after college, worked in Product Safety Assessment and as well as a biological photographer at Searle Laboratories in Skokie,IL. He continued his passion of photography and became absorbed with macro photography.

Whether an image is large scale, such as the Grand Canyon, or as diminutive as a dragonfly – the observer will appreciate the texture of a rocky mountain side, the beauty of a leaf, or the momentary presence of a water droplet on the petal of a flower.

Davit has been featured in various publications and several calendars.

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